A message in a bottle takes you back in time

Top Schischule Kaunertal/Fendels - for over 20 years
Learning made easy!

At the summit of Weißseespitze, near the eternal ice, a bottle was found that provides evidence of the founding of the Top Ski School Kaunertal / Fendels: as early as the beginning of the 19th century, the DAV (the Alpine club of the time) began offering skiing lessons in Kaunertal. The local mountain guides invited interested athletes to ski in the region.

In 1962, ski school pioneer Isidor Praxmarer founded the first official ski school. The organised flow and structured lessons were, and still are, successful. Just over 10 years later, in 1973 Edmund Tumler took over the helm and in 1980 celebrated the opening of the glacier ski area.

Expansion & highlights

In 1991, Reinhold Plankensteiner founded the Top Schischule, which he still leads today with plenty of panache. He and his team can look back happily over more than twenty exciting and eventful years: the first highlight was the expansion of the Kaunertal glacier ski area (opened in 1980) to include the ski resort of Fendels in the school’s founding year (1991). Thanks to this alliance, the ski school grew in size, and the popular Bibi Land for children was brought to life in Fendels. The ski school’s range of services was brought up-to-date to include snowshoeing, freeriding and snowboarding, which were really taking off at this time. Other new highlights, such as the ski show in the “Espen” in Feichten and the legendary ski instructors’ ball on Easter Sunday, were also launched, and are now fixed permanently in the winter programme.

From a small enthusiastic group ...

In recent decades, the Top Schischule Kaunertal / Fendels has expanded from a small, enthusiastic group of around six to eight people into a prestigious and important regional company with 30 to 35 employees. In high season, the Top Schischule Kaunertal / Fendels employs up to sixty qualified ski and snowboard instructors, offering fun and first-class know-how to guests of the region.